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Google provides 2 different types of databases i.e google database

  1. Relational
  2. No-SQL/ Non-relational

Google Relational Database

In this google have 2 different products  .

  1. Cloud SQL
  2. Cloud Spanner

Common uses of this relational database are like below

  1. Compatibility
  2. Transactions
  3. Complex queries
  4. Joins

Google No-SQL/ Non-relational Database

In this google provide 4 different types of product or databases

  1. Cloud BigTable
  2. Cloud Firestore
  3. Firebase Realtime database
  4. Cloud Memorystore

 Common uses cases for this is like below

  1. TimeSeries data
  2. Streaming
  3. Mobile
  4. IoT
  5. Offline sync
  6. Caching
  7. Low latency

Google relational Databases

Cloud SQL

It is Google fully managed service that makes easy to setup MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL server databases in the cloud.

Cloud SQL is a fully-managed database service that makes easy to maintain, Manage and administer database servers on the cloud.

The Cloud SQL offers high performance, high availability, scalability, and convenience.

This Cloud SQL takes care of managing database tasks that means you only need to focus on developing an application.

Google manage your database so we can focus on our development task. Cloud SQL is perfect for a wide variety of applications like geo-hospital applications, CRM tasks, an eCommerce application, and WordPress sites also.

Features of Cloud SQL

  1. Focus on our application: managing database is taken care of by google so we can focus on only application development.
  2. Simple and fully managed: it is easy to use and it automates all backups, replication, and patches and updates are having 99.955 of availability anywhere in the world. The main feature of Cloud SQL is automatic fail-over provides isolation from many types of infrastructure hardware and software. It automatically increases our storage capacity if our database grows.
  3. Performance and scalability: it provides high performance and scalability up to 30 TB of storage capacity and 60,000 IOPS and 416Gb of ram per instance. Having 0 downtimes.
  4. Reliability and Security: As it is google so security issue is automatically resolved but the data is automatically encrypted and Cloud SQL is SSAE 16, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS v3.0 compliant and supports HIPAA compliance so you can store patient data also in Cloud SQL.

Cloud SQL Pricing:

Google Cloud SQL Pricing By Sagar Jaybhay
Google Cloud SQL Pricing -Image From Official Google Site

Cloud Spanner

It is a fully managed scalable relational database service for regional and global application data.

Cloud spanner is the first database who takes advantage of relational database and non-relational database.

It is enterprise-grade, globally distributed and strongly consistent database service which built for cloud and it combines benefits of relational and non-relational horizontal scale.

By using this combination you can deliver high-performance transactions and strong consistency across rows, regions and continent.

Cloud spanner have high availability of 99.999% it has no planned downtime and enterprise-grade security.

Google Cloud Spanner Features
Google Cloud Spanner Features:- Image from official google site

Features of Cloud Spanner:

  1. Scale+SQL:– in today’s world most database fail to deliver consistency and scale but at their, Cloud Spanner comes what it means? It means Cloud Spanner provides you advantage of relational database structure and not relational database scale and performance feature with external consistency across rows, regions and continents.
  2. Cloud spanner scales it horizontally and serves data with low latency and along with that it maintains transactional consistency and industry-leading availability means 99.999%. It can scale up arbitrarily large database size means what It provides it avoids rewrites and migrations.
  3. Less Task– it means google manage your database maintenance instead of you. If you want to replicate your database in a few clicks only you can do this.
  4. Launch faster: it Is relational database with full relational semantics and handles schema changes it has no downtime. This database is fully tested by google itself for its mission-critical applications.
  5. Security and Control:- encryption is by-default and audit logging, custom manufactured hardware and google owned and controlled global network.
  6. Multi-language support means support c#, Go, Java, Php, Python and Ruby.

Pricing for Cloud Spanner:

Google Cloud Spanner Pricing
Google Cloud Spanner Pricing – Image from official google site

Non-relational Database by Google


This Bigtable database is created by Google, it is compressed, high performance and proprietary data storage system which is created by Google and is built on top of google file system, LevelDB and other few google technologies.

This database development is starting in 2004 and now it is widely used by google like web indexing,google maps, google book search and google earth, blogger, google code, youtube.

The google is designed its own database because they need high scalability and better control over performance.

Bigtable is like wide column store. It maps 2 arbitrary string values which are row key and column key and timestamp for 3-dimensional mappings into an arbitrary byte array.

Remember it is not a relational database and it is more kind of sparse, distributed multi-dimensional sorted map.

BigTable is designed to scale in petabyte range across hundreds and thousands of machines and also to add additional commodity hardware machines is very easy in this and there is no need for reconfiguration.


Suppose google copy of web can be stored in BigTable where row key is what is domain URL and Bigtable columns describe various properties of a web page and every column holds different versions of webpage.

He columns can have different timestamped versions of describing different copies of web page and it stores timestamp page when google retrieves that page or fetch that page.

Every cell in Bigtable has zero or timestamped versions of data.

In short, Bigtable is like a map-reduce worker pool.

A google cloud Bigtable is a petabyte-scale, fully managed and it is NoSQL database service provided by Google and it is mainly for large analytical and operational workloads.

Features Of Google Cloud BigTable:

  1. It is having low latency and massively scalable NoSQL. It is mainly ideal for ad tech, fin-tech, and IoT. By using replication it provides high availability, higher durability, and resilience in the face of zonal failures. It is designed for storage for machine learning applications.
  2. Fast and Performant
  3. Seamless scaling and replication
  4. Simple and integrated- it means it integrates easily with popular big data tools like Hadoop, cloud dataflow and Cloud Dataproc also support HBase API.
  5. Fully Managed- means google manage the database and configuration related task and developer needs only focus on development.

Charges for BigTable- server: us-central

Google Bigtable Pricing
Google Bigtable Pricing- Image from official google site

Cloud Firestore

It is mainly serverless. Cloud Firestore is fast and serverless and fully managed and cloud-native NoSQL. It is document database which simplifies our storing data, syncing data and querying data from your IoT devices, mobile devices or web at global scale. It also provides offline support and its security features and integration with firebase and googles cloud platform.

Cloud Firestore features are below:

  1. You can increase your development velocity with serverless: Is a cloud-native database and Cloud Firestore provides automatic scaling solution and it takes that advantage from googles powerful infrastructure. It provides live synchronization and offline support and also supports ACID properties for hundreds of documents and collections. From your mobile you can directly talk with cloud Firestore.
  • Synchronization of data on different devices: Suppose client use the different platform of your app means mobile, tab, desktop and when it do changes one device it will automatically reflected other devices with refresh or firing explicit query from user. Also if your user does offline changes and after while he comes back these changes sync when he is online and reflected across.
  • Simple and effortless: Is robust client libraries. By using this you can easily update and receive new data. You can scale easily as your app grows.
  • Enterprise-grade and scalable NoSQL: It is fast and managed NoSQL cloud database. It scales by using google infrastructure with horizontal scaling. It has built-in security access controls for data and simple data validations.

Pricing of Google Cloud Firestore:

Google Cloud Firestore Pricing
Google Cloud Firestore Pricing – Image from official googles site


By tag line, it stores and sync data real-time. It stores data in JSON format. Different devices can access the same database.

It is also optimized for offline use and is having strong user-based security. This is also cloud-hosted database with a NoSQL database. It syncs In real-time across all clients and remains available if you go offline.

Capabilities of FireBase:

  1. Realtime
  2. Offline
  3. Accessible from client devices
  4. Scales across multiple databases: Means if you have blaze plan and your app go grow very fast and you need to scale your database so you can do in same firebase project with multiple database instances.
  5. Firebase allows you to access the database from client-side code directly. Data is persisted locally and offline also in this realtime events are continuous fires by using this end-user experiences realtime responsiveness. When the client disconnected data is stored locally and when he comes online then it syncs with local data changes and merges automatically conflicts.
  6. Firebase designed only to allow operations that can execute quickly.

Pricing of Firebase

Google Firebase pricing
Google Firebase pricing-image from official google site

Cloud MemoryStores

This is an in-memory data store service for Redis. It is fully managed in-memory data store service which is built for scalability, security and highly available infrastructure which is managed by Google.

It is very much compatible with Redis protocol so it allows easy migration with zero code changes. When you want to store your app data in sub-millisecond then you can use this.

Features of Cloud memory stores:

  1. It has the power of open-source Redis database and googles provide high availability, failure and monitoring is done by google
  2. Scale as per your need:- by using this sub-millisecond latency and throughput achieve. It supports instances up to 300 Gb and network throughput 12 Gbps.
  3. It is highly available- 99.9% availability
  4. Google grade security
  5. This is fully compatible with Redis protocol so your open-source Redis move to cloud memory store without any code change by using simple import and export feature.

Price for Cloud MemoryStore:

Google Cloud Memorystore price
Google Cloud Memorystore price – image from official site of google

Sagar Jaybhay, from Maharashtra, India, is currently a Senior Software Developer at Software Company. He has continuously grown in the roles that he has held in the more than seven years he has been with this company. Sagar Jaybhay is an excellent team member and prides himself on his work contributions to his team and company as a whole.

Sagar Jaybhay

Sagar Jaybhay, from Maharashtra, India, is currently a Senior Software Developer at Software Company. He has continuously grown in the roles that he has held in the more than seven years he has been with this company. Sagar Jaybhay is an excellent team member and prides himself on his work contributions to his team and company as a whole.