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The language which spread life in dead web pages. By Sagar Jaybhay

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Beautiful JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) It is a lightweight data exchange format. It is easy for human read and writes. JSON is in text format which is completely language independent. The JSON format was originally...

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Revisiting JavaScript With Sagar Jaybhay

Revisiting JavaScript By Sagar Jaybhay Uses of JavaScript Client-side validation: by using this application much more responsive and no need for the round trip on server.ex. Form-Validation by using client-side validation we reduce the...

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Class In JavaScript/Ecmascript 6

Class In EcmaScript In JavaScript classes are function. Latest version JavaScript added class keyword in JavaScript or ECMAScript but if you see internally it uses a function itself. ECMA Script 2015 it introduces a...

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Closures in JavaScript

Closures,This and IIFE in JavaScript Closures In JavaScript A closure is a combination of a function bundled together (enclosed) with references to its surrounding state (the lexical environment). In other words, a closure gives you access to an...

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DataTypes and Scope In JavaScript

DataTypes and Scope In JavaScript By Sagar Jaybhay JavaScript is the most popular language In the world and it runs on the most popular environment means web(browser); By using JavaScript you can create complete...

Little About JavaScript 1

Little About JavaScript

Basic of JavaScript By Sagar Jaybhay Let’s see what’s therefore special regarding JavaScript, what we are able to come through with it, and that different technologies play well with it. What is JavaScript? JavaScript was at first created to “make websites alive”. The programs during this language are known as scripts. they will be...