Scrum & Kanban

  • There are different roles or we can say stakeholders of agile.
  • Scrum is framework for agile implementation.
  • Team work as a single unit.
  • Source capability is consider before starting scrum. Sources are selected as per project requirement.
  • Sources availability during sprint is also checked.
  • Team:
  • Product Owner.
  • Scrum Master.
  • Development team (QA, Developer, DBA, Support)
  • Artifacts:
  • Sprint backlog.
  • Product backlog.
  • Events:
  • Sprint Planning.
  • Sprint.
  • Daily scrum.
  • Sprint review.
  • Sprint retrospective.


  • In Kanban, team is aware about the tasks to be done, as like sprint there are no pre-defined tasks are there instead of that in Kanban, everyone in development team is aware about the tasks and they work pro-actively from bunch of tasks.
  • Tasks in Kanban can be removed or add as per bandwidth and capacity availability.
  • Kanban is used when requirements are changing frequently.

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