Scrum Team: Roles and Responsibilities

The Scrum Master:

  • As name ‘Master’ indicates, he/she plays important role in successful sprint execution.
  • Scrum master ensures smooth execution of sprint with team members feeling confidence, enthusiastic.
  • Scrum master act as leader of the sprint team, with specific roles and responsibilities.
  •  He/she manages product and sprint backlog.
  • Responsible for successful completion of the sprint, with 24*7 availability for the team, to resolve their problems/issues/obstacles if any.
  • Obstacles may be either requirements are not clear, dependency of module in hand either with other module, which may be developed, or under development.
  • Scrum master bridges gap between development team and Product owner.
  • Scrum master organize daily standup with development team and discuss what each individual did last working day, what he/she will do today? In addition, which things are causing sprint to not proceeding further.
  • Scrum master tries to resolve team’s issues at his won but if required he/she can communicate with product owner for further details.
  • Scrum master also take care of daily standup should not exceed more than 15 minutes.
  • In sprint planning meeting, scrum master picks up user stories from product backlog to sprint backlog and takes care of each stories have assigned proper story points and estimates by individuals.
  • He/she decides size of team, as if team size is more, more efforts need to co-ordinate team throughout sprint.

Product Owner:

  • Product owner is the person who may appointed from company itself of from customer side.
  • Product owner is the person who collaborate between stakeholders, scrum master and development team.
  • Product owner manages product backlog by assigning priority to each user story from product backlog, which further helps scrum master while sprint planning meeting.

Development team :

  • Team is self-organizing.
  • Developers, testers, database experts and support are the part of development team.
  • Though team is comprises of tester, developer, database expert but still all members are developers, no specific titles are allowed.

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