Step By Step Guide Of Angular Part I

Guide To Angular Part 1- Sagar Jaybhay

What is Angular?

It is a framework for building web applications which contain HTML, TypeScript, CSS, Javascript.

Typescript is compiled into JavaScript finally at the time of running your application.

Why we need angular?

It might you think you can use plain JavaScript, jquery to build a web application.

Yes, you can create a web application using these 2 but when your application grows it is very hard to maintain all that.

So for creating an application, we need first structure by that way in future we don’t have any problem.

If you use JavaScript there are pattern present like Revealing Module pattern, Prototype pattern but they are hard to understand and hard to test also.

To avoid these problems lots of frameworks are evolved and build like vue.js, react.js and angular.js like that.

Benefits of Using Angular

  1. Clean structure of the application
  2. Re-usability of code is achieved
  3. The application becomes more testable.

The architecture of Modern application

Most of the recent application has 2 layer front end and back-end. In this Front-End contains HTML page, CSS, JavaScript or typescript files.

And back-end mostly interacts with the help of web-API, because the back-end is sat on the web-server on the cloud which is responsible for store data and process that data.

Front-end is responsible for taking the data from the client. So angular is not used to store the data, because of the angular run on the client machine and for security reasons we don’t t store data on clients machine or might be the case user will change his/her computer or might use a different browser.

The API which uses for transfer data from the client to web-server or back-end uses HTTP protocol to access this endpoint.

Step By Step Guide Of Angular Part I

Node: It is a run-time environment for JavaScript code to run outside the browser.

The minimum version required for building the angular application is 6.9. We use the Node package manager (npm) to install the libraries.

To install Angular CLI globally use below command

npm install -g @angular/cli
Step By Step Guide Of Angular Part I

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